The important technological development of electronics applied to automotive field in recent years has led to a large scale diffusion of systems including more and more sophisticated electronic components such as:

  • Electronic control of petrol engine with reduced emissions;
  • Control of Diesel engine with very high pressure injection;
  • Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS) for a better safety;
  • Drive and stability control (ESP) for a better drivability;
  • Electric wiring applied to vehicles’ multiplex networks for improving performance, reliability and comfort;
  • In-depth and standard modeized diagnostics for an efficient servicing.

This new reality needs skilled professionals suitably trained in the sector of automotive electronics who know the basics of electronics as well as the most advanced applications. Moreover the evolution of technology and of electronic components in automotive sector requires a continuous theoretical, experimental and practical refreshment of skilled workers of this field. Then a good training can be ensured by the availability of modular and flexible systems which can be adapted to different needs varying continuously.

ELETTRONICA VENETA has developed ideal environments and solutions for training and research that hit this target; the set of equipment produced will enable a theoretical and experimental analysis ranging from basic electric systems to the most complex installations.

The various topics indicated here below are explained exhaustively and they implement a training program which includes both theoretical introduction and practical tests. Basics on the operation of the main mechanical members and systems of vehicles are studied with software simulations in Windows; in-depth analysis of all the electric/electronic control systems of an engine and of vehicle’s movement including troubleshooting. Sse of the modernest multi-brand diagnostic systems applied to actual garage operations on cars of the most advanced technology.