This catalogue will cover all the topics of experimental chemistry, ranging from general and inorganic chemistry to organic chemistry, from kinetic theory to kinetic chemistry, from thermochemistry to chemical equilibrium, from electrochemistry to spectrophotometry, polarimetry, besides dealing with subjects of applied chemistry such as environmental chemistry, polymer chemistry, food chemistry, detergent chemistry, chemistry applied to building materials, glass chemistry, ceramic chemistry, fertilizer chemistry, the chemistry of metals and their minerals.

Moreover it also includes a datalogger for the acquisition of the data resulting from the chemical experiments; this instrument is provided with a specific software for controlling certain parameters coming directly from data acquisition system or from particular calculations, in time. The apparatuses for the various tests are modular and they are offered with or without data acquisition system that is proposed as option.

All the proposed tests are provided with an educational section for teachers and students, and with a specific software including a first part of theoretical hints on the topic being dealt with, the procedure for setting the equipment at work and some exercises.

Specific users:

  • Students of high schools and vocational schools
  • Students of scientific colleges that include exams of chemistry in their study plan