Electric Power

Until some decades ago this branch of technology relied on mainly manual electromechanical techniques, but now electronic technology has deeply permeated the plants of production, control and distribution of electric power.

A new class of computer-assisted equipment, new control, management and supervision systems using microprocessors are integral parts of the new plants for production, distribution, control and use of electric power. The need for a new knowledge, based on advanced components and technology, springs from this new reality involving the use of flexible and modular systems in training, able to be adapted to varying and continuously increasing needs.

ELETTRONICA VENETA has developed ideal environments and solutions for training and research, placing a set of apparatus designed for practical/experimental study of all the subjects referring to electric power, at learning structures’ disposal. This catalogue assembles high level subjects referring to power generation and its different transformations. The last part of it includes real applications, such as the ones related to oil sector. The subjects dealt with in this catalogue assume that students have an adequate background in general electronics, electric circuits and machines, as well as in the use of PC.

Specific users:

  • Advanced university students in electrical engineering and industrial electronics
  • Engineers and supervisors in activities requiring retraining in new technologies
  • Engineers/technicians/operation-maintenance supervisors of power plants, military and civil ships, oil sector, civil defence, etc…