Electrical Engineering

This branch of technology had made use of electromechanical techniques since some decades ago; at present electronic technologies have deeply permeated electric systems, machine control and electric servomechanisms.

PLC applications, microprocessor control, management and supervision systems, BUS techniques for home automation and intelligent buildings are integral part of the new electric systems of distribution, control and use of electric power. All that leads to the need of a new knowledge based on advanced technologies and components; consequently training demands flexible and modular training systems being able to adapt to diversified and varying requirements

ELETTRONICA VENETA has developed systems and solutions for training and research answering this purpose perfectly: in fact the apparatuses produced enable educational institutions to plan the teaching of all the topics concerning electric technologies, from a practical/experimental point of view. The solutions proposed in this catalogue range from basic electricity to practical wiring and electro-mechanical constructions, including civil and industrial installations and measurements on electrical machines.