Electronics and systems

Continuous and fast development of electronics technology generates, as a consequence, a wide proliferation of equipment containing everyday more sophisticated electronic circuits. From this reality, the demand to create professional figures with an adequate electronics education, not only on basics knowledge but also in advanced applications, is becoming a must for the educators.

Technology and electronic devices evolution requires also a continuous theoretic, experimental and practical updating of the skilled workers and technicians and, consequently, the necessity to arrange modular and flexible systems that are able to adapt to every different and continuously changing needs.

ELETTRONICA VENETA has developed a class of equipment and solutions suitable for training and research, making available to the educational community a set of equipment that allows to analyse both theoretically and experimentally all the topics related to electronics, from basics concepts to the more complex topics.

The various topics are covered exhaustively and constitute a complete training programme which includes both theoretic introduction and practical experiments starting from basics electronics up to the most advanced technologies of industrial electronics.

A workshop and bench experiments section of the catalogue, making use of didactical software, design, simulation and assembling of electronic circuits, is also provided. this will give the students the opportunity to experience the tools and methodologies used in the professional life. This section implements a modular, flexible and technologically advanced training programme, which is continuously enriched with innovative circuits solutions.