Fluid Mechanics

Fluid mechanics is an important field for several scientific subjects but it seems to be less intuitive of solid mechanics because the approach with fluids is often more limited than solids. The equipment included in this catalogue have been developed in order to have a clear representation of fluid mechanics principles and to verify experimentally what studied in the textbooks.

An hydraulic bench, combined with a wide range of accessories, enables to carry out various experiments of fluid statics and dynamics on the following subjects:

  • Fluid flow in pipes
  • Fluid flow through orifices, orifice plates, venturi meters, pitot tubes, flow over weirs
  • Bernoulli’s theorem
  • Flow rate measurement methods
  • Fluid flow in channels
  • Hydraulic machines (pumps, turbines, water hammer etc.)
  • Stability of floating bodies and pressure centre
  • Free and forced vortex