This catalogue will cover all the main branches of physics ranging from traditional mechanics (static mechanics, dynamic mechanics, fluid mechanics, mechanical vibrations, acoustics) to optics (geometrical optics, undulatory optics, applied optics), to thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, to the forms of traditional and alternative energy, up to more complex topics such as the physical structure of matter, atom and nuclear physics.

Furthermore, a datalogger is included so that the data concerning the experiment of physics, chemistry and biology can be gathered and certain parameters resulting directly from the acquisition system or from particular calculations can be supervised in time via a proper software.
The initial section of this catalogue consists of some educational kits that include experiments of mechanics, optics, electricity and magnetism, thermology, in a unique solution.

All the units shown in this catalogue are wholly equipped so that teachers are not obliged to identify the various components to carry out the test, but everything is already available. Moreover the apparatuses are often modular and they can be available with or without data acquisition system that is an optional accessory.
All experiments consist of an educational section for teacher and students with some theoretical hints on the topic and of a section including the kit components, the operational procedure for setting the equipment at work and some exercises concerning the topic.

Specific users:

  • Students of senior high schools and polytechnic schools
  • University students of colleges including exams of physics in their syllabuses.