Renewable Energies

The catalogue of renewable energies includes all educational equipment for an easy study of the sources of renewable energies (alternative to fossil fuels) applied to home and industrial installations. The apparatuses have been designed to train engineers so that they can acquire skills on the most advanced applications besides the basics of renewable energies.

Moreover the development of technology leads to a continuous theoretical, experimental and practical refreshment of the operators in this sector. All that  involves the need of having flexible and modular training systems being able to adapt to diversified and varying requirements.
ELETTRONICA VENETA has developed systems and solutions for training and research answering this purpose perfectly: in fact the apparatuses produced enable to analyze all the topics concerning renewable energies from both the theoretical and experimental points of view, starting from the basic concepts to the most complex issues.

This catalogue is subdivided into seven product lines:

  • Solar thermal energy
  • Photovoltaic energy
  • Wind energy
  • Hydroelectric energy
  • Fuel cells
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Combined solutions

Every line covers the topic under examination exhaustively; for instance, as regards Solar Photovoltaic Energy, attention can be focused onto the study of photovoltaic effect for converting solar energy into electric current, or onto the type of connection of the modules for assembling the most suitable photovoltaic field. This catalogue is completed with an eighth section concerning accessories and instruments that includes the optional equipment for the theoretical-practical activities of laboratory.