Telecommunications and Telematics

Major technological developments in telecommunications in recent years have lead to a large scale deployment of equipment containing evermore sophisticated electronic circuits.

From this reality stems the need to create skilled professionals adequately trained in the basics of telecommunication technology as well as in its more advanced applications. In view of the technological advancements and the evolution of electronic components, ongoing theoretical, experimental and practical upgrading of skilled workers is essential. For training purposes, access to modular and flexible systems which can be adapted to diverse and continuously varying needs is necessary in order to meet these demands.

ELETTRONICA VENETA has developed tailor made systems and solutions for training and research purposes, by designing a range of equipment for the theoretical and practical analysis of all topics related to telecommunications and telematics, from the basic concepts through to more complex applications.

The various topics are covered exhaustively and constitute a complete training program which includes both a theoretical introduction and practical experiments starting from basic telecommunications and progressing on to the more advanced technologies of telematics.

At the end, a further experimental section is included covering educational software. This section is arranged so as to implement a modular and flexible training program which is continuously enriched by innovative circuit solutions and which ensures a technically updated training course.