The line of equipment described in this catalogue has been designed to understand and analyze the basic principles of thermodynamics.
Equipment mod. TE1/EV and TE2/EV enable to study the measuring techniques of two essential thermodynamic variables: temperature and pressure, and to practise the principles of calibration of their relevant measuring systems.
Equipment mod. TE3/EV enables to verify the correlation between vapour temperature and pressure directly and clearly, whereas equipment mod. TE4/EV is a very good instrument for understanding the concept of recirculation in industrial processes.
Equipment mod. TE5/EV and TE22/EV enable to carry out the typical tests of transformation of gases and to verify the laws regulating them.
Equipment mod. TE6/EV and TE6PC/EV, connected with a wide range of accessories, enables to study the different modes of heat transfer (conduction, convection and radiation).
Equipment mod. TE8/EV and TE9/EV represent two useful instruments for carrying out the typical tests for determining flash point and heat of combustion.

Example of a Thermodynamics lab designed and manufactured by ELETTRONICA VENETA.