A company of people.
The heart of our manufacturing process.

Since 1963 Elettronica Veneta is dedicated to laboratories and workshops for teaching purposes.

For three generations, territory, craftsmanship, research and development have been the principles that Elettronica Veneta has internalized and promoted around the world through its products.

The union of different professionals is Elettronica Veneta’s beating heart: the men and women who during these fifty years of history have contributed to making Elettronica Veneta an international leader in the education market.

Our products:

  • facilitate the learning process by using real systems that illustrate the important aspects of the theory students learn in class and study in depth in textbooks.
  • simplify the teaching approach by demonstrating practical applications of the theoretical subjects.

Our customers:

  • Occupational training centers
  • Vocational and technical institutes
  • Science and technology high schools
  • Universities, colleges and polytechnics
  • R&D centers
  • Retraining and requalification projects
  • Companies

Our partners: