Distance education

In light of the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) emergency, schools and teachers are called to find new ways of teaching to overcome the physical barriers and offer students the opportunity to continue their active and participatory learning.

Elettronica Veneta works alongside teachers in creating new learning situations in which students can choose to work independently or to collaborate with their classmates under the supervision of the professor implementing a complete didactic experience and facilitating distance education.

The new Elettronica Veneta distance education tools are:

Remote control trainers and simulators
With the new remotely controlled line of trainers and simulators for technical training, the teacher can decide to:

  • Deliver a classic frontal lecture, or
  • Let the students access to the trainer or simulator via software and then supervise their activities.

Video lessons – see example below
Video lessons on specific topics of the ministerial curriculum. Theoretical concepts are demonstrated using Elettronica Veneta’s educational equipment. The lesson packages include:

  • Videos with theoretical and practical aspects
  • Slides and notes
  • Final assessment test

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