22 December 2020

Khon Kaen University, Thailand

Khon Kaen University - Thailand - Electrical Machine and Power Transmission Laboratory
29 October 2020

Individual disinfection cabin – Case History

19 October 2020

Akamigas energy and mineral polytechnic, Indonesia

Il Politecnico energetico e minerale Akamigas, Indonesia, ha ricevuto le nostre apparecchiature nelle scorse settimane.
7 July 2020

Distance education

17 June 2020

No touch individual disinfection cabin and totem

This individual disinfection cabin has been thought to measure the body temperature and at the same time to sanitize people and objects. Suitable to public buildings, companies or great events.
21 May 2020

NEWS: Geothermal 
low enthalpy trainer

Elettronica Veneta has developed a new trainer to study and test the operation of a water-water reversible heat pump that uses the low-enthalpy geothermal energy in the subsoil.
8 May 2020


We are finally back. After a few weeks of smart-working, on Monday the manufacturing process started again.
15 November 2019

New off-grid photovoltaic – wind power plant trainers

Elettronica Veneta has developed new compact trainers for study and experimental investigation on the conversion of solar energy into electricity exploiting the photovoltaic effect and of wind energy into electricity by means of a wind power generator.
15 November 2019

Home Automation: new KNX modular laboratory

Home Automation, also known as Domotics, i.e. the automated management via Bus of controlled devices, is being increasingly applied to residential, working and commercial buildings.