“Compact” electric machines

M-1/EV, M-2/EV et al.

These machines are included in a set of motors and transformers of reduced power; these machines, together with starting and control rheostats and with power supply units enable to determine all the typical operating lines. These machines of solid industrial construction also include a panel with silk-screen-printed schematic diagram showing the wiring diagram and the names of windings on standardized safety terminals. The machines can easily be handled in the laboratory as they are provided with a base and with a quick coupling system for the connection with machines of the same line; furthermore the rotating machines are also equipped with male-female coupling joints on shaft prongs. The rating plate is printed directly on the schematic diagram, for immediate reference.
Mod. M1-2/EV – M-1/EV – M-2/EV – M-3/EV – M-4/EV – M-5/EV – M-6/EV – M-7/EV – M-8/EV – M-9/EV – M-10/EV – M-11/EV – M-12/EV – M-13/EV – M-14/EV – M-15/EV – M-16/EV – M-17/EV – M-18/EV

Technical specifications