Air-conditioning trainer with heat pump


This trainer aims so that students can delve into the study of the operation of an air/water heat pump and of its components such as cycle-reversing valve and thermostatic expansion valve.

Training program

  • Plant starting and safety devices intervention checking
  • Studying the operation of a heat pump
  • Studying the operation of a cycle-reversing valve
  • Studying the operation of a thermostatic expansion valve
  • ON/OFF control  Examining the system behaviour versus the variation of:
    • season
    • air flow at condenser/evaporator
    • air flow at air/water exchanger
  • Plotting the refrigeration cycle on refrigerant pressureenthalpy chart
  • Data acquisition and calculation of:
    • exchange surfaces
    • heat balances corresponding to evaporator, condenser, compressor
    • refrigerant mass flow
    • ideal and actual E.E.R.
    • ideal and actual C.O.P.
    • volumetric compressor efficiency
    • thermostatic valve superheat
    • heat balances on water side
    • heat balances on air side (optional items: thermohygrometer and anemometer required)

Technical specifications
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