Assembly kit of beverage cooler


This kit is specifically designed for educational aims and it includes all the components of the hydraulic circuit of a beverage cooler. It enables students to deal with the issues concerning the assembling of the hydraulic circuit, the connection of electric components, besides the calibration of the controller for an optimum operation of the system. The kit also includes the pipes that can be used together with the standard tools for refrigerator technicians to assemble the hydraulic circuit. This kit can easily be disassembled for a repeated use.

Training program

  • The diagrams supplied with the equipment enable:
    • to carry out the hydraulic connections
    • to assemble the electric system
  • The optional vacuum and charging station enables:
    • to drain and clean the system
    • to fill the refrigerant and to check the system tightness
  • Setting the system at work and checking the tripping of safety devices
  • Analyzing the system behaviour versus the variation of:
    • controller setup
    • condenser air flow
    • the quantity of refrigerant filled in the system
  • The optional thermometer enables:
    • to plot the refrigeration cycle onto the pressure-enthalpy diagram of refrigerant
    • to calculate the heat balances corresponding to evaporator, condenser, compressor; refrigerant mass flow; system E.E.R.; volumetric compression efficiency

Technical specifications
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