Batch distillation pilot plant


The distillation column is completely made of glass and it consists of a reboiler, of a column with steel mesh packing and of a condenser with reflux valve and head.

Training program

This unit enables to deepen the following issues:

  • Distillation of different mixtures (water / ethanol, water / methanol, methanol / propanol, etc…) versus the variation of the following operational parameters:
    • reflux ratio
    • reboiler heating power
    • feeding composition
    • residual pressure
  • Mass balance
  • Energy balance
  • Flooding
  • Calculation of the number of theoretical trays
  • Automatic flow, pressure and temperature control by PID controller (for mod. DISa/EV, only)
  • Plant supervision by P.C. (for mod. DISa/EV, only)

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