Optoelectronic devices


Experiment board C16/EV provides the student with the necessary instrument for experimentation on a large number of topics related to optoelectronic device technologies.

Training program

  • Light radiation;
  • Coherent and non-coherent light sources;
  • Photo-conductivity, photoelectric effect, photovoltaic effect;
  • Photodiode, phototransistor, photocoupler;
  • LED diode; • LED diode polarization;
  • Pulse operation;
  • Frequency response;
  • Different wave-length Leds: red, green, yellow;
  • 7-segment display with common anode and cathode;
  • Liquid crystals;
  • Liquid crystal 7-segment display;
  • Optical fibers;
  • Refraction indexes: step-index optical fibers;
  • Dispersion and attenuation;
  • Sine signal transmission via single-mode optical fiber

Technical specifications
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