DC-AC and DC-DC converters with SCR-BJT-MOS


Experiment board mod. C18/EV is used to carry out chopper-type conversion techniques, using discreet and integrated components employed in specific industrial sectors

Training program

  • Double-chopper DC/AC converter (push-pull inverter);
  • Frequency behaviour of the transformers in push-pull configurations;
  • Thyristor chopper (SCR);
  • Bipolar transistor chopper (BJT) and MOSFET;
  • Choice of the configuration according to the application;
  • SCR firing;
  • Driving signal generator for SCR chopper, with frequency ranging between 50 and 400 Hz;
  • Control of two-pole (BJT) and MOSFET transistors;
  • Driving signal generator for BJT and MOSFET transistor chopper with switching frequency ranging between 1 KHz and 10KHz;
  • Operation of the DC/AC converter with R, RL, RC, RLC loads:
    • Variable frequency behaviour
    • Filtering
  • DC/DC converter;
  • Integrated circuits for the control of the push-pull inverter.

Technical specifications
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