Single phase and three phase rectifiers


The most used and modern conversion techniques are carried out by the experiment board mod. C22/EV enabling the student to easily develop a valuable experimentation completing its theoretical training.

Training program

  • Semi-conductor devices used in rectification systems: power rectifier diodes, SCR;
  • Half-wave single-phase rectifier;
  • Full-wave single-phase rectifier, with central tap transformer;
  • Graetz bridge single-phase rectifier;
  • Half-wave three-phase rectifier;
  • Full-wave three-phase rectifier;
  • Wave-form analysis;
  • Not-controlled diode rectifier for single-phase and three phase systems;
  • SCR controlled rectifier for single-phase and three phase systems;
  • Phase control SCR regulation;
  • Output voltage as function of the firing angle;
  • Operation analysis with R, RL, RC, RLC loads;
  • Shift between load voltage and current;
  • Firing circuits of the SCR.

Technical specifications
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