AC/DC switching power supply


The experiment board mod. C24/EV has been designed to develop a wide and solid training program in the field of switching conversion techniques and with the aim to face the student with real, complex problems occurring in the daily professional practice.

Training program

  • Analysis of the input voltages of an SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply);
  • Rectification of the AC input voltage;
  • Switching pulse generation;
  • PWM modulation with under-oscillation;
  • PWM signal spectrum;
  • Filtering of the PWM signal: good filtering condition;
  • Control techniques of the output voltage width;
  • Optocouplers feedback;
  • Current-mode control techniques;
  • Switching control integrated circuits;
  • Ripple of the output voltage;
  • MOS transistor as electronic switch;
  • Power absorbed and power given: efficiency Ƞ;
  • The transformer: characteristics for switching applications;
  • Behavior of the transformer at high switching frequencies;
  • Rectifier systems for the output voltages.

Technical specifications
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