Homogeneous mixtures


This kit enables to assemble some homogeneous systems with the preparation of solutions. The proposed operations allow to observe some homogeneous systems resulting from the combination of solid, liquid and gaseous substances, directly. A homogeneous system is configured in a unique phase where its constituents cannot be distinguished. The tests proposed by this kit concern the preparation of solutions of known concentration. The substances mixed in these solutions cannot be distinguished because of their full miscibility due to the attraction of the cohesive forces between different particles.

Training program

  • Preparing a solution of copper sulfate in water (1% mass/volume)
  • Preparing a solution of water-alcohol (2% mass/mass)
  • Preparing a solution of CuSO4 5H2O in water
  • Preparing a solution of alcohol in water (2% volume/volume)
  • Preparing a solution of water – carbon dioxide, in mass/volume percentage

Technical specifications
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