Solubilization of a non polar substance


This kit enables to dissolve a polar substance into a non polar system with a crown ether. In a test tube students can observe the solubilization of potassium permanganate in a very polar solvent (water). In another test tube the organic solvent (ethyl acetate) is not able to dissolve the potassium permanganate because this solvent is not very polar. After adding the solution with the crown ether, students can observe that the non polar phase becomes violet for the solubilization of the potassium permanganate. The crown ether is an organic compound characterized by a cavity with polar properties in its internal structure; this cavity can house the potassium permanganate. The outer part of this chemical compound shows non polar characteristics and it is affine and an affinity with ethyl acetate. In conclusion, the potassium permanganate is conveyed into the non polar phase by the crown ether.

Training program

  • Dissolving a polar substance into a non polar solvent with a crown ether

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