Acid-base reactions – Formation of gas

CB-IN-30/EV - CB-IN-31/EV

CB-IN-30/EV: Observing the chemical transformation carried out with this kit, students can realize that the two reactants (sodium hydroxide and sulphuric acid) split into the corresponding ions and then they are combined again forming different compounds. All the substances involved in this reaction are colourless, therefore a pH indicator (phenolphthalein) will be used to display the disappearance of the base CB-IN-31/EV: This kit enables to observe the development of a gas. A solid substance (sodium bicarbonate) decomposes into two constituents, in an acid environment: the result will be a liquid substance (water) and a gas (carbon dioxide) that fills the balloon.

Training program


  • Dissociation and formation of different compounds
  • Use of indicators in acid-base reactions


  • Development of a gas released from the decomposition of a solid substance in acid environment

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