Chemical nomenclature: elements


This kit enables to emphasize some physical characters of a series of elements, in order to get a distinction between metals and non metals. The properties considered are: aspect, gloss, electric conductivity, thermal conductivity, workability. The available elements undergo the following tests: Aspect and glossy: the samples are observed in their aspect, students will describe their colours and any metal glossy. The samples, especially those of sodium and calcium, must be well cleaned to remove any surface coat. Electrical conductivity: an electric circuit including the DC power supply unit of 6/12 V and a suitable bulb, is assembled; cutting one of the wires, connect the sample under examination with the circuit, noticing whether current can or cannot cross it: the current passage is signalled by the lighting of the bulb. Thermal conductivity: some samples are heated on a Bunsen burner for short time: any thermal conductivity can be felt with a hand. Workability: the properties of ductility (wire workability) and of pliability (laminability) of metals are examined.

Training program

  • Physical properties of different elements: aspect, gloss, electric conductivity, thermal conductivity, workability
  • Distinction between metals and non metals

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