Ionic bonding and covalent bond in silver halides


This kit enables to study the ionic bonding and covalent bonds in silver halides. The covalent property of a bond increases as the difference of electronegativity decreases. As its covalent properties increase, the halide anion becomes more polarizable. The silver halides used in this test are: silver fluoride, silver chloride, silver bromide, silver iodide. Increasing the polarization and, consequently, the covalent properties of the bond in silver halides (starting from AgF to AgCl, AgI, up to AgBr) leads to a reduction of solubility of the same compounds in water. This test will display this different solubillity.

Training program

  • Ionic and covalent bonding in silver halides
  • Anion polarization depending on covalent properties
  • Solubility of silver halides in water depending on the degree of polarization

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