Acid-base titration


This kit enables to learn the concept of acid-base titration. This method will determine the titer, that is the concentration of an acid (or base) solution, by measuring the volume quantity of a base (or of an acid) of known concentration that reacts completely with a known volume of the solution being titrated. The achievement of stoichiometric equivalence is displayed by the colour change of a proper indicator. The test proposed by this kit is carried out on an acid and a base of monoprotic type, although the same considerations can be applied to diprotic or tripotic acids and bases. The solutions used in these tests must not have too different concentrations, for educational reasons: thus calculations may be easier. In this case, the concentration of the acid is approximately half that of titrant (base). The arising reaction is a typical neutralization reaction.

Training program

  • Acid-base titration
  • Neutralization reaction
  • Monoprotic / diprotic / tripotic acids and bases
  • Function of the indicator

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