Plotting the titration curve in NaOH+HCl reaction


The test proposed by this kit concerns the neutralization reaction of a strong acid with a strong base and it will determine the titration curve, that is the diagram showing the variation of pH in the acid solution as OH- ions are added. Once plotted this curve, observe that there is a considerable variation of pH around the equivalence point. pH is measured by pH sensor mod. EVS-BIO-01/EV connected with datalogger mod. EV2010/EV. The software included in this equipment enables to control the pH value versus the volume of the titrant: this volume can be measured by the dropping bottle mod. EVS-CH-01/EV; then the equivalence point can be determined on the plotted curve.

Training program

  • Neutralization reaction of a strong acid with a strong base
  • Titration curve
  • Equivalence point
  • Measuring pH by pH sensor
  • Measuring titrant volume by dropping bottle

Technical specifications
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