Daniell cell


This kit enables to carry out the experiment of Daniell cell. This cell consists of two galvanic elements (half cells) each half cell is a metal foil immersed in a saline solution of the same metal. These two elements are connected via a salt bridge (U-shaped tube full of a concentrated solution of KNO3 ) that enables the ion migration so that the solutions can be kept neutral, from an electric point of view, without being completely mixed. Some electric wires connect these two metal foils with an external circuit including a multimeter. This circuit will be crossed by the electrons that leave the electrode where they are more numerous (that is the electrode of the half cell of oxidation – anode), to reach the electrode of the half cell of reduction (cathode). The multimeter enables to measure the output e.m.f. When the system attains its equilibrium, this process ends.

Training program

  • Half cells: Zn // Cu
  • Half cells: Mg // Cu

Technical specifications
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