Miscibility of liquid and solubility of solids


This kit enables to observe the behaviour of liquids when they are mixed together. It emphasizes the affinities between the particles of the different substances. These substances can be classified into: 1) ionic substances which are solid at ambient temperature, generally. The particles of these substances are ions bound by strong electrostatic attractions and they can be scattered into substances whose particles are characterized by a high polarity;
2) covalent substances which may be solid or liquid. The molecules of these substances are held together by weak bonds generated by forces of electric nature. These forces are produced by an unbalanced array of intramolecular electrical components supplying them a typical polarity. These substances are subdivided into two classes: polar substances showing high polarity values, and non polar substances showing very low polarity values.
Similar substances are combined to form homogeneous systems.

Training program

  • Solubility of solids in liquids
  • Miscibility of liquids

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