Centrifugal fan demonstration unit


The unit is composed by a centrifugal fan mounted on a stainless steel structure with inlet and outlet ducts in clear plastic to see inside. An adjustable aperture allows to modify the air flow, which can be measured using the calibrated orifice plate on the discharge duct. It has two interchangeable impellers, a forward curved impeller and a backward curved one, in order to compare their performances. The digital instruments allow to measure the fan head pressure, the pressure loss across the calibrated orifice plate (and hence the flow rate) and the air temperature. The speed of the fan is accurately controlled by an industrial inverter within the interface console mod. IFC/EV (necessary accessory) and also indicates the torque and the power consumption. The interface console mod. IFC/EV also has a data acquisition software (PC not included) to study the values of the parameters measured by the electronic instruments.

Training program

This unit enables to deepen the following issues:

  • Studying the performance of the fan according to the motor speed
  • Efficiency measurement
  • Introduction to similarity laws

Technical specifications
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