Absorption refrigeration trainer


This trainer has been designed to study the absorption refrigeration cycle. The heat coming from a gas burner or from electric resistors vaporizes the ammonia contained in the solution of the generator. Ammonia vapour condenses in the exchanger and passes into the evaporator where it evaporates at low temperature. The ammonia vapour coming from the evaporator and the water coming from the generator are combined again in the absorber and close the cycle passing into the generator. The circulation of fluids occurs by natural convection. Students can experience in using log P-1/T and concentration/enthalpy charts of the solution, besides trying to assess the system output thanks to a set of instruments supplied with the equipment. The bench is operated and controlled by a PC-based SCADA system (PC not supplied).

Training program

  • Plotting the absorption refrigeration cycle on log P-1/T chart, with temperature measurements detected along the circuit
  • Transferring these values onto the concentration/enthalpy chart and assessing the heat quantity exchanged in the boiler, in the condenser, in the absorber and in the evaporator
  • Data acquisition and calculation of the system output versus the temperature attained in the boiler

Technical specifications
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