Conveyor and multiple selection module


Mod. MCE-705/EV transfers pieces on a conveyor belt, identifying and sorting them according to the type of material (plastic / aluminum). The conveyor is driven by a DC motor and controlled by a relay operating the belt. Aluminum pieces are identified by an inductive sensor above the conveyor belt, and then ejected into the first warehouse by a pneumatic cylinder. White plastic pieces are identified by a capacitive sensor and then ejected into the second warehouse. Black plastic pieces are not identified by the capacitive sensor and therefore end up into the third warehouse (noncompliant product).
The module is assembled on a sectioned aluminium base, and it can be easily moved around the laboratory.
Mod. MCE-705/EV can be fully controlled using a PLC module or an Arduino microprocessor. Thanks to the PLC or Arduino programming software, a wide range of exercises regarding the automation of the module in a working cycle or in stand-alone mode can be developed.