Deep-freezing trainer


This trainer, specifically conceived for educational aims, allows to study deep freezing that is a technological improvement of freezing. This trainer permits to determine the actual rate of cold penetration inside the products under examination via two different systems of heat exchange: natural convection (platetype heat exchanger) and forced convection (finned battery).

Training program

  • Plant starting and safety devices intervention checking
  • Studying the operation of a thermostatic expansion valve and its calibration
  • ON/OFF control: freezing room thermostat
  • Analyzing the system behaviour versus the variation of:
    • Thermostatic valves superheat
    • condenser air flow
  • Plotting the cycle in the refrigerant pressure-enthalpy diagram
  • Data acquisition and calculation of:
    • heat balances corresponding to evaporator, condenser, compressor
    • refrigerant mass flow
    • ideal and actual EER
    • volumetric compression efficiency
  • Determination of cold penetration rate in the meat, in seafood, in vegetables, etc…
  • Identifying the most suitable substances to be deep-frozen
  • Duration of deep-frozen products
  • Hot gas defrost

Technical specifications
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