Didactic panel optic fibers and optic instruments


Using the panel mod. EFO41/EV and the theoretical-experimental handbooks of its equipment will enable to carry out a modular theoretical-experimental course on optical fi bers and on the electronic circuits and transmission systems using them.

Training program

Introduction to optical fiber systems:

  • Optical fibers
    • Constructional structure
    • Light propagation in optical fibers
    • Modal dispersion
    • Chromatic dispersion
    • Attenuation
    • Bandwidth
  • Sources and detectors
    • Sources: Led and Laser
    • Optical detectors: PIN and avalanche photodiodes
  • Connections and headings
    • Connections
    • Headings Optical fiber communication systems:
  • Digital transmission system
  • Analog transmission system
  • Video transmission system
  • Transmission system between PCs
  • Data Multiplexer transmission system
  • Bidirectional transmission system with one fiber
  • Bidirectional transmission system with two fibers
  • Synchronous data transmission
  • Asynchronous data transmission
  • Used components
    • digital transmitter
    • analog transmitter
    • digital receiver
    • analog receiver
    • FM modulator
    • FM demodulator
    • audio modulator and Audio+Video combiner
    • Video/Audio separator and Audio demodulator
    • data multiplexer
    • data demultiplexer
    • WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexer)
    • data coding / decoding: NRZ, Manchester, bi-phase Mark / Space
    • V24/RS232C interface
  • Characteristics of components:
    • Digital and linear driving
    • characteristic curves of the optical source
    • bias current
    • emitted power adjustment
    • “Optical power/current” curve of the source
    • operating point of the LED
    • characteristics and driving of Laser diode
    • automatic control of the power emitted by Laser diode
    • waveform of the transmitted signal
    • detector responsivity
    • characteristics and biasing of avalanche photodiode
    • receiver saturation
    • modal dispersion
    • linearity of the connection
    • frequency response of the connection
    • dimensioning of the connection
    • power margin Measurements on optical fibers:
  • Identification of components
  • Structure of optical cables
  • Numerical opening
  • Attenuation
  • Connectors Troubleshooting

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