Expansion processes of a perfect gas


This equipment has been designed to study basic thermodynamic processes with air as working fluid; it consists of two interconnected transparent tanks that are respectively pressurized and set under vacuum by a compressor; pressure and temperature inside them are measured during tests. A pressure sensor connected with the tanks and two internal temperature sensors enable to monitor the variations of air properties inside these reservoirs continuously. Both tanks are made of rigid transparent plastic for insulating the air inside them from the environment and they can be connected with the pump for their pressurization/setting under vacuum. All measures (pressure, temperatures, level) can be seen on digital displays and they can be stored in a PC by the (optional) data acquisition system SI-TE5/EV.

Training program

  • Behaviour of an ideal gas and state equation
  • Reversible adiabatic process (isentropic expansion)
  • Constant-volume process
  • Irreversible adiabatic process
  • Process with constant internal energy
  • Polytropic processes
  • Manometric pressure and absolute pressure

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