Gear pump demonstration unit


The unit is composed by a gear pump mounted on a stainless steel basement and connected to a continuous circulation tank. The front part of the pump is in clear plastic to see inside. On the discharge pipe there is a flow control valve and a safety valve to protect the system from potential overpressures. The digital instruments allow to measure suction and discharge pressure to the pump, as well as flow rate and water temperature. The pump speed is accurately controlled by an industrial inverter within the interface console mod. IFC/EV (necessary accessory) and also indicates torque and power consumption. The interface console mod. IFC/EV also has a data acquisition software (PC not included) to study the values of the parameters measured by the electronic instruments.

Training program

This unit enables to deepen the following issues:

  • Operation of a gear pump
  • Performance of the pump (flow, power, speed) according to the pressure
  • Efficiency

Technical specifications
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