Radar trainer


This Radar Trainer is designed to study radar technologies and systems used in maritime navigation. All devices are of professional type.

Training program

  • Introduction to radar techniques
    • Incident and reflected wave
    • Pulse duration/repetition frequency ratio
    • Power/range ratio
    • Continuous-wave (CW) radar
    • Radar equation
  • Proper interpretation of radar diagram with reference to physical phenomena and to technological limits
  • Block description and circuit analysis of radar
  • PRF (Pulse Repetition Frequency) generator and transmitter trigger
  • Gate signal generator
  • Solid state modulator
  • Magnetron transmitter
  • Control of antenna rotation
  • Circulator and limiter for input protection
  • Solid-state preamplifier and mixer
  • Logarithmic receiver
  • Echo signal processing and acquisition
  • Interference rejection
  • Correlation and integration
  • Mini ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aids) anti-collision system and guard zones
  • Video circuits:
  • – Horizontal and vertical deflection
  • – Video signal and memory
  • – On-screen display (OSD) for navigation and data setting •
  • adar image generator
  • “Switch mode” power supply
  • Instructions of use
  • Measurements on radar different parts
  • Troubleshooting

Technical specifications
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