Base band and DSP transmission techniques


Board MCM33/EV studies base band transmission techniques. It is part of the Interactive Practical Electronics System IPES and works in both standard mode (using switches and consulting the handbook) or computerized mode. In this last case, the software version of the handbook inserts automatically circuit variations and faults, enabling the development of lessons even without teacher’s assistance. Pre-assembled electronic components divided into circuit blocks can be interconnected and modified by means of jumpers and connection cables. 

Training program

  • Discrete input source
  • Channel coding (error control)
  • Line coding and precoding importance
  • Transmission and reception filter (spectrum modeling)
  • Effects of the characteristic of the transmission line
  • Intersymbol interference
  • Eye diagram
  • Data extraction
  • Synchronism recovery
  • Sampling of the received signalling pulses
  • Error rate calculation
  • Analysis of the Fourier spectrum of the signal present in the main points of the transmission and reception system, to observe the characterization and the modifications of the same spectrum
  • Digital Signal Processing: description of the schematic diagram and operating modes of a specific microprocessor for digital signal processing
  • Troubleshooting

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