Electronic telephone


Board MCM50/EV studies telephone circuits such as: DTMF and Pulse signalling and a switching matrix simulating a telephone exchange and public network. It is part of the Interactive Practical Electronics System IPES and works in both standard mode (using switches and consulting the handbook) or computerized mode. In this last case, the software version of the handbook inserts automatically circuit variations and faults, enabling the development of lessons even without teacher’s assistance. Pre-assembled electronic components divided into circuit blocks can be interconnected and modified by means of jumpers and connection cables. 

Training program

  • Public Exchange working:
    • Signalling way out
    • Generation of signalling
  • Signalling generated by the public exchange:
    • Power supply: Exchange battery, Chokes and feed resistors
    • Calling
  • Telephone signalling systems:
    • Combinatory disk
    • Decade keyboard (PULSE)
    • Dual Tone Multifrequency signalling (DTMF)
  • Telephone operation with pulse and multifrequency selection:
    • Calling circuits (Buzzer)
    • Selection circuits (Dialing)
    • Phone circuits (Speech)
  • Reception and decoding of DTMF signals through active filters
  • Use of custom integrated circuits
  • Establishment of a call and line circuit connections
  • Connecting phones in derivation
  • Troubleshooting

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