Multiple compressor trainer


The trainer allows to study the combined operation of compressors in a refrigeration system controlled via a regulator (mod. TCCM/EV) or via a control unit/PC (mod. TCCM-C/EV) that switch on and off each compressor depending on the required cooling power.

Training program

  • Study of the combined operation of compressors
  • Study of the operation of a compressor pack controller (mod. TCCM/EV)
  • Use of the p – h diagram of a refrigerant gas
  • Collection of the operating data and calculation of the heat balances and system efficiency
  • Electric power consumption measurement depending on the number of active compressors
  • Effect of the airflow rate on the condenser performance
  • Data acquisition, system supervision and fault insertion via PC (mod. TCCM-C/EV)

Technical specifications
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