Management of an intelligent open space


This panel for the management of an intelligent open space consists of actual electrical components, already connected with each other and consequently operating, so that students can learn and test electronic systems of building utilities. Students can reprogram the installed components partially or totally, besides checking their setting at work. Furthermore electric parameters can be measured with conventional instruments.

Training program

This panel shows an electrical installation operating on BUS system for the installations of “intelligent” management of an open space of business use such as banks, jeweller’s shops and/or environments needing particular safety systems. The control and checking elements of power consuming devices are connected with the BUS, and they refer to the following topics:

  • lighting installation of building interiors with control devices and on/off actuators
  • control of accesses by magnetic badge reader
  • control of technical alarms by video surveillance
  • control of heating system by thermostat and actuator
  • control of opening/shutting of blinds
  • presence detection in the building via sensor
  • control of anti theft alarms
  • control of scenarios: system functionality with retrieval of typical situations on needs of power consuming devices such as daytime normal operation, partial operation for cleaning, operation with closed room, etc…
  • Furthermore, using software packets will lead:
  • to modify the programming of installed components partially or totally, for zone configuration according to user’s needs
  • to develop graphic pages for system supervision

Technical specifications