Installations for medical consulting rooms and surgeries


This demonstration panel can be used by teachers for their lessons and by students for an easy learning and testing on electrical prevention systems supplying them with the means for verifying the rule of art and the relevant technical standards. Actual electrical devices installed, already connected with each other, enable to check the operation, besides carrying out the measurements of all the electric parameters with conventional instruments.

Training program

This panel shows an electrical installation that can be found in a building used as consulting room, with reference to the following topics:

  • Rooms of group 0, 1, 2
  • Patients’ area
  • Equipotential loop and branch point
  • Protection with automatic power cutoff
  • Protection by isolation transformer
  • Isolation resistance of walls and of floors
  • Protection by electric separation and SELV, PELV circuits
  • Measurement of first-fault current

Technical specifications