Preassembled kit for refrigeration and air-conditioning


This kit is specifically designed for educational aims; its compact and modular shape leads students to learn operating principles and assembling techniques that are at the base of any refrigeration and air conditioning system. The components are classified according to homogeneous groups and they are mounted on plates that can easily be connected via flexible pipes and threaded connections.

Training program

  • Hydraulic and electric connection of different modules
  • Execution of (optional item required: vacuum and charging station):
    • system bleeding and cleaning
    • gas filling and system tightness check
  • Plant starting and safety devices intervention checking
  • Analyzing the system versus the variation of:
    • system configuration
    • air flow rate at condenser and/or evaporator
    • system refrigerant charge
  • Plotting the cycle onto the pressure-enthalpy diagram of the refrigerant Data acquisition and calculation of (optional item required: portable thermometer):
    • heat balances corresponding to evaporator, condenser, compressor
    • refrigerant mass flow
    • ideal and actual E.E.R.
    • volumetric compression efficiency
  • With optional items portable thermohygrometer and portable anemometer:
    • transferring the transformations undergone by the air during heating, cooling and dehumidification, onto the psychrometric chart
    • calculating the heat quantity exchanged with the air
    • calculating the exchange coefficients in the condenser and in the evaporator

Technical specifications
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