Refrigeration simulator


This educational simulator mod. SIM-RF/EV simulates the operation of an industrial refrigeration system with two cold rooms: one for frozen products (L.T.: low temperature) and the other for fresh vegetable products (M.T.: medium temperature).

Training program

  • Studying the pressure-enthalpy diagram of a refrigerant
  • Studying on the psychrometric chart the air transformations at the evaporator of a cold room
  • Heat balances on refrigerant side and on air side
  • Studying the heat losses of a cold room
  • Analyzing the behaviour of a refrigeration system with a unique compressor/condenser set and double level of evaporation pressure
  • How the difference between room temperature and evaporation temperature affects the relative humidity of a cold room for fresh food
  • Analyzing the operation of an electronic expansion valve
  • Analyzing the operation of an evaporation pressure regulator
  • Proportional and ON/OFF control
  • Programming and testing ON/OFF or PI control logics

Technical specifications
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