Thermal power distribution simulator


Simulator mod. SIM-ED/EV aims: it simulates the operation of a set of power distribution systems for residential buildings heating or cooling.

Training program

  • Analyzing the operation of an outdoor reset controller
  • Studying the emission curve of a heating element, the characteristic curve of a three-way mixing valve and the emission of a heating element versus the position of the valve shutter
  • Open-loop and closed-loop control
  • Analyzing the operation of a controller for radiant systems with limit function
  • Correlation between room parameters and water delivery temperature for cooling systems with radiant panels
  • Studying the performance of a fan coil
  • Proportional and ON/OFF control
  • Analyzing the operation of a controller for zone distribution system with continuously controlled 2-way valve
  • Analyzing the operation of a room thermostat

Technical specifications
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