Trainer for the study of the open type compressor


The trainer, properly designed for educational aims, permits the study of the open type compressor applied to the refrigeration equipment.

Training program

  • Plant starting and verification of the intervention of the safety devices
  • Analysis of the system behaviour depending on:
    • Compressor rpm
    • Expansion device
    • Air flow at the evaporators and/or condenser
  • Study of the open type compressors
  • Evaluation of the power of a compressor
  • Drawing the cycle in the pressure – enthalpy diagram of the refrigerant gas
  • Data collection and calculation of:
    • Thermal balance at the evaporators, at the condenser, at the compressor
    • Refrigerant gas mass flow
    • Ideal and actual EER
  • Compressor volumetric efficiency
  • Fault insertion

Technical specifications
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