Trainer for the study of the semi-hermetic compressor


The trainer, properly designed for educational use, permits the study of the semi-hermetic compressor applied to the refrigerating plants.

Training program

  • Plant starting and verification of the intervention of the safety devices
  • Analysis of the behavior of the system at the variation of:
    • Compressor rpm
    • Thermostatic valve superheat
    • Air flow at the evaporator and/or condenser
  • Study of the semi-hermetic compressors
  • Determining the power of a compressor
  • Drawing the cycle in the pressure
    • enthalpy diagram of the refrigeration gas
  • Data collection and calculation of:
    • Thermal balance at the evaporator, condenser, compressor
    • Mass flow of the refrigerant
    • Ideal and real EER
    • Volumetric efficiency of the compressor

Technical specifications
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