Trainer for the study of the steam jet refrigeration


This trainer, properly designed for educational aims, represents a refrigeration system with a steam jet thermocompressor. In this kind of system, instead of having a mechanical compressor, there is a steam jet thermocompressor compressing the steam and transporting it to a condenser. A part of the condensate flows into the evaporator where it absorbs the cooling power and evaporates. The produced steam is aspirated by one of the two sides of the steam jet compressor and compressed again. The other part of the condensate is transported by a pump to the steam generator where the steam feeding the other side of the steam jet compressor is produced.
In the trainer, evaporator and condenser are transparent so that the processes can be clearly observed.
The equipment requires a cold water supply (optional device available, refer to mod. CILS075/EV at the bottom of the page).