Twin-engine aircraft air conditioning and pressurization system simulator


The aircraft air conditioning and pressurization simulator mod. AQ-3/EV, is included in a complete set of educational equipment for the basic training on aircraft systems. 

The simulator consists of a computer-assisted panel, with silk-screen mimic diagram for a clear location of its components. Various zones of the mimic diagram are represented with different colours to emphasize peculiar aspects of the system.

Light and displays indicators, installed in the mimic diagram enable to assess the evolutions of the control. The graphic display of the information available at the control input, such as aircraft status (park, APU …) on the computer screen enables the permanent monitoring of the system.

The operational conditions are set by students according to the educational path indicated in the courseware, carried out by the PC.

Training program

  • Air intake:
    • BLEED valve 1 and 2
    • APU BLEED valve
    • External group
    • Cross BLEED valve
  • Air conditioning circuit:
    • PACK 1 and 2
    • HEAT EXCHANGER 1 and 2
    • COMPRESSOR 1 and 2
    • AIR distribution
  • Air pressurization:
    • OUTFLOW valve
    • Pressurization profile
  • System supervision simulations
  • Status:
    • Park
    • Airport service support
    • APU bleed
    • PACK 1 and 2
    • Engine starting
    • Pressurization cycle
  • Air management problems handling

Technical specifications
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